Taking Online Surveys For Money- Is 20/20 Panel Worth It?

20/20 Panel Review- Thorough and Unbiased

Product Name: 20/20 Panel

Website URL: www.learn.2020panel.com

Training: 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

Price: 5 out of 5 stars (5 / 5)

Tools: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

Support: 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

Useability: 4 out of 5 stars (4 / 5)

If you have ever done any research on How to Make Money Online, chances are you have stumbled across several websites and companies that offer the chance to earn money by participating in surveys and studies.Online Surveys For Money

20/20 Panel is one of those websites.

It is basically a company that allows you to sign up to take surveys about products or services, or watch commercials and give feed back.

There are also opportunities for online discussions between yourself and other panelists that qualify, and even on-site studies if you live in one of the three areas in which 20/20 Panel has a home base.

Points are earned for qualifying surveys completed, and money in the form of gift cards may be received for discussions and studies.

Want to know if it is worth the time and effort to create an account and move forward? Read on!


The Good

  • It is completely free to sign up
  • You have the flexibility of completing the surveys pretty much anywhere that you have a device available.
  • It can be fun to fill out the random surveys, if you are a person who enjoys that.
  • There are no quotas or requirements to complete any designated number or surveys.

The Not-So-Good

  • The information on the site is fairly vague when it comes down to how many points are earned for which type of survey; in fact, there is not much definite information about actual earning potential.
  • Actually qualifying for a discussion, webcam interview, or on-site survey is not easy.
  • You have to take a pre-qualifying survey to even qualify for each individual survey, and in some cases you don’t.
  • No cash or check is actually received. Everything is paid out in the form of a card.

What Is 20/20 Panel?

This company, which actually has been around for quite some time, specializes in qualitative research.

This means that they are looking to understand the reasoning behind consumer behavior.

They offer a number of ways to make money, which include taking surveys which can last anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes PER survey, online discussions with other panelists (appx 30 to 45 mins), sometimes chatting with a moderator in a webcam interview, and in-person studies for those that live in the qualifying areas.

You are required to fill out a survey before beginning and upon sign-up to see if you fit certain criteria, and for the company to decide which surveys and studies would be appropriate for you.

The site also states that you will need to update your profile pretty regularly so that you are up to date, and you don’t miss out on any opportunities.

Once you have completed sign up, you receive notifications telling you when you are qualified to take surveys, which you also might not be fully qualified for. This is a PRE-qualification.

For each completed survey, you are awarded a number of points, which can be redeemed for a gift card (Visa or retail gift card) once you reach 500 points (which is equivalent to $5).

The on-site study participants are paid with a prepaid MasterCard.

Is There Any Type Of Training Available?

As with lots of other survey websites, it doesn’t seem that there is any training available, but to be fair…I’m not sure you would actually need training, as the idea is to simply give your opinion on different things.

Pretty cut and dry, so that part is simple enough.

What Is the Cost To Sign Up?

This is a cost free endeavor. There aren’t any training materials or in-site purchases to be made.

Are There Any Tools That Could Help Me Make More?

Basically, there aren’t any shortcuts in this type of business. The only thing that gives you a leg up is if you meet the qualifying standard for surveys…and that is based on demographics…and you don’t know what demographics they are looking for.

It is seemingly pretty up in the air.

They could be looking for someone younger or older, of a different gender, from a bigger or smaller city for many of their surveys, and you wouldn’t have any idea. So you just have to wait until you get a notification letting you know that you qualify.

From there it is up to you how many qualifying surveys you complete.

What Perks Does The Company Offer?Taking Surveys Is TIme Consuming

The cool thing about this site is that they do offer incentives for even signing up.

If you join their Facebook page, you can be entered into monthly drawings for gift cards and prizes. So there is an opportunity for some possible free money.

Overall Useability?

The system is pretty user-friendly. You sign up, fill out the survey, and wait for notifications.

Once you receive a notification saying that you qualify for the survey, you take the pre-qualifying survey to make sure you are the type of opinion they are looking for, and then if you are, you take the actual survey.

There are instructions beforehand, and they will give you an estimation of how much time it should take before you begin also.

If you further qualify for a webcam interview or online discussion, you will be notified, and then move forward.

So it seems to all be pretty straight forward and self-explanatory.

Plus, you are able to use different devices to take the surveys (you may have to use a computer for other things such as discussions).


Review Thumbs Down

My final say on this is: I, personally would not do it.

It seems to take up quite a bit of time, for not much return. The site seems to exaggerate a bit on how much earning potential there is, and qualifying for the surveys is really difficult.

To top it off, they don’t give you an idea of how many points you can earn per survey before signing up, and vagueness like this is usually not a good sign.

If you have taken online surveys before, you know that it would probably take quite a while to reach 500 points.

Plus, the qualifying process takes up a good deal of time on its own. Taking a survey to see if I qualify to take the survey?

Not for me. And probably not for you either if you’d like to make more than a few dollars at a time.

Overall Rating: 2/5

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