4Life Research – Is This The Best Product?

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Today, we will be taking a good look at 4Life, an MLM company.

We will look at the compensation plan, the products, and the 4Life research, and I’ll let you know by the end of this article if I feel it is a good idea to jump at the opportunities this company seems to offer.

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4life Review


Company Name: 4Life

Overall Rating: 1 out of 5 stars (1 / 5)

4Life – Just Another MLM?

Believe it or not, there are some MLMs out there that, in my opinion, work just fine. I mean, you aren’t going to make a ton of money unless you work your behind off, but it can be done.

This company takes a similar approach to recruitment and payout with others in its category, and the products are equally pricey.

But is there more scientific research that places 4Life at the top of the MLM charts?

Boasting an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, 4Life is a company that sells supplements (mainly for overall health and immune system), and offers those interested an opportunity to begin a business selling the products and recruiting new sign ups.

4Life Review

You’ll find products, such as the one below, on their website.

You don’t have to be signed up as a preferred customer or a distributor to buy the products, but as you can see, you’ll save a little on the pricey products if you do sign up. 

As a preferred customer OR a distributor, you’ll get the products at the wholesale price.

4Life Products


The 4Life website is bursting at the seams with information….it takes quite a while to sort through all of it…especially the compensation plan…so let’s break it down.

Scientific Research

Is there any?

Well, that’s debatable.

While the website has a ton of information on what supposedly happens in their million dollar laboratories…there is not very much ACTUAL PROOF that what they claim is true.?

There are so many MLMs that sell supplements and oils and protein powders that it’s necessary to have something that sets you apart if you’re going to get anywhere signing up to distribute.

Unfortunately, though they do provide an impressive list of staff and advisers, and have lots of pictures with scientists in lab coats, none of this actually proves that their science trumps anyone else’s.

4Life Research

Price of Products

Compared to other MLMs, the prices actually aren’t that different…but most companies selling these products certainly don’t “give them away”, if you will.

The thought of spending this amount of money every month on supplements that we aren’t positive will even work, is cringe-worthy.?

4Life Product Pricing

In my opinion, grabbing a protein powder at my local Academy has always done the trick, and I can’t tell you with any degree of certainty whatsoever that the supplements I have tried over the years even do anything at all – whether expensive or not.

I spent several years selling and using Young Living Essential Oils, and I can honestly tell you that, while I DO believe their oils are of high quality (you can literally smell the difference), I felt absolutely NO DIFFERENT when I was taking their very pricey supplement for overall health and energy.

Sad, but true.

Compensation Plan

Well, as you can probably guess, this plan works much the same as others in this MLM category.

First of all, to even begin selling the products for retail profit, YOU MUST BUY THEM.

With your own money.

And you aren’t sure you will even be able to sell them, because we all know how pleasant it is to approach people and try to sell them something expensive. Cringe 🙂

You do receive a 25% discount on all PV over 100 LP. If this is foreign language, I’ll soon explain!

4Life Compensation Plan


4Life Compensation Plan

To understand these charts a bit better, let’s talk PV and LP.

PV stands for Personal Volume. This is the number that represents how much YOU, YOURSELF must purchase every month in order to maintain your status as a distributor.

Every. Single. Month.

LP stands for Life Points. Each product available at 4Life is assigned an LP number. The price of the product does not necessarily represent the item’s LP. LPs are only applicable if you are a distributor, because the LP amount is what your commission will be based off of.

So, as you can see from the above chart, in order to start climbing the ranks where the real money is made, you’ve got to REALLY rack in the LPs, and this has little to do with you, and A LOT to do with how well your recruits in your down line are doing.

Which brings me to my next point.

This compensation plan, like others, is very shaky.

The moment someone in your down line drops their interest and stops selling and recruiting, that messes with your income. It could change it altogether.

There is no guarantee, and the requirements to climb ranks are EXTREMELY difficult.


Difficulty Of Startup

Well, of course, the sign up process is relatively easy.

However, slinging products in a highly competitive market = not so easy. Not easy at all.

How many times have you been annoyed with a friend trying to sell you something that you have absolutely no interest in?

Now, turn the tables, and you’re that friend, my friend.?

It is not easy to sell a product that is both expensive, and part of a very saturated market in many areas.

What’s The Final Word?

I’ve got to say – you would have to be extremely devoted to selling, very knowledgeable of the products, and VERY unafraid of being slightly annoying to close family and friends if you are going to jump aboard this MLM train.

The requirements are high, the chances of making money low, and the startup very difficult.

Review Thumbs Down

What Do I Recommend?

The market I am in is VERY different from companies such as 4Life.

In affiliate marketing, you write online about things that you are interested in which draws an interested audience, and you get paid for their interest.

You don’t have to sell a product yourself, you don’t have to be an expert, and you don’t have to get dressed int the morning!

And, if that’s not enough, you don’t have to annoy everyone trying to sell them a product. They come to you if they are interested.

It’s much easier to do, in my opinion, and can be extremely profitable.

Want to give it a try? Click on the image below to get started! No credit card required.


Wealthy Affiliate Signup




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I hope you enjoyed, and I hope to see you in the next article!


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