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Today, we will be looking at a company that sells unique clothing, Agnes & Dora, to decide whether this is an opportunity to make some serious cash, or to run before it’s too late!

Agnes & Dora Review

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Agnes & Dora

Overall Rating:2 out of 5 stars (2 / 5)

What Is Agnes & Dora?

Well, if you take one look at the Agnes and Dora website, you might experience the slightest of deja vu.

They are a company based in Utah that sells clothing, and that clothing looks oddly like LuLaRoe clothing. Those of you familiar with MLM or similar companies that take off and then plummet back to Earth at alarming rates are probably familiar with LuLaRoe.

It began in 2012 in California, and sales have seemingly decreased at a steady rate in the last couple of years.

It seemed that at every craft show you attended back before the decline, there were LuLaRoe vendors everywhere, and the number of prints, patterns, and designs were so numerous it was a bit overwhelming. And we all remember how famous the soft “buttery” material was.

So, what does any of this have to do with Agnes & Dora?

Well, it turns out that the founder of Agnes & Dora, Buffy Bandley, is the niece of LuLaRoe founder DeAnne Stidham.

“Oh how nice!”, you might be thinking. A family affair.

Well, that’s all good and well until you consider the fact that in January 2019, the Washington State Attorney General filed a lawsuit against LuLaRoe, accusing them of being a dreaded pyramid scheme.

Considering the family connection, this might be a foreshadowing of things to come for Agnes & Dora, but who knows ?

Anyway, back to the point. Agnes & Dora is a clothing company, selling clothes that are designed for every body type.

Their website claims that their community of representatives “promotes inclusivity through kindness, acceptance, and self-empowerment.”

It is obvious through the various photos of models displaying the clothing that they do design for most body types, which is GREAT in my opinion, and not common enough. So I have to get on board with that, friends.

The company allows for purchases to be made on their website at retail prices by the regular person, without becoming a representative, while also providing information on how to obtain clothing at wholesale and selling it at MSRP by becoming a representative.

AND, you can apparently have a stylist (though we have no way of knowing how qualified they are) choose your clothing for you.

How Much Money Can I Make If I Sign Up?

Well, this is really a toss up, as with most companies of the like.

Let’s be real here. How many MLM parties have you been invited to? And of those, how many have you actually been EXCITED about attending?

If you’re anything like me, you feel a sense of dread when you walk in and see everything all set up in someone’s living room, knowing that once the door has closed behind you there is now an expectation for you to spend who knows how much money on items that you might not even want or need out of necessity to keep your suddenly pushy sales friend from holding a grudge.?

You know what I’m talking about ?

The biggest hiccup I see here is the startup costs.

My goodness, nobody wants to spend the amount of money they are asking when you are starting up a business that you really know nothing about and risk making nothing in return.

1. Jumpstart Kit – This is kit is $1500. Yes, that’s right. This is the MINIMUM you can spend to get started. As opposed to Affiliate Marketing where you spend NOTHING to get started, this is a pretty big obstacle. Oh, AND…this doesn’t include any merchandise.

2. Launch Kit- $2500. This kit is supposed to include everything you need to throw you first party (you know, the party where your friends feel awkward), and let people shop. But they aren’t specific about what is included.

3. Inventory Setup – This one is a whopping $3500, and there is still no specificity about what is included.

Here’s where it gets a bit hairier.

In order to receive any compensation plan benefits, you MUST order a minimum of $500 wholesale PER MONTH. What?!?

If you wish only to stay an ACTIVE representative, you must purchase a minimum of $100 wholesale every 6 months. (This isn’t too different from other companies, actually).

Now, obviously, you buy the clothing at wholesale and sell it at MSRP, so you end up making back what you spent plus some.

Now that we have covered that, let’s talk the products you would be selling.

The clothing is actually pretty nice looking.

Agnes & Dora Clothing Quality

The prints are nice and the prices aren’t all sky-high, though there are some items that are a bit ridiculously priced:

Agnes & Dora High Prices

Maybe I’m wrong, but I feel like you could get the exact same thing at Old Navy or Walmart for considerably less, and the material looks dreadfully thin.

Agnes & Dora Clothing

Agnes & Dora Clothing

As you can see in the above photos, there are a lot of leisure clothes to choose from, and even some dressier/casual clothes. HOWEVER, I really saw nothing that would be appropriate to wear into a business atmosphere, or anything very formal or dressy at all.

You are already limiting your customer base when you are only appealing to one group of people, and that’s a problem.

It seems as if they are really trying to appeal to maybe stay-at-home-moms (which largely take part in MLM companies, so I get that), or to people who don’t work in corporate USA.

Also, when I was researching, there is a tab for accessories, but they have ZERO accessories. And no shoes, either.

Probably the worst in my opinion, though, is that there were no sales. At all. I realize that they are more of a “boutique website”, but that is just a little ridiculous.

The prices are already a little high, especially to the people they are marketing to, and for there to be no sales is a definite problem and could hinder your sales enormously.

To make any money whatsoever, you would need to cater to a select group of people (women who don’t need to dress up very often and who don’t like to buy accessories and shoes with their clothes, or wouldn’t mind going somewhere else to get them.).

The difficulty is already presenting itself very well.

What Employees And Reps Say

I did some research on the thoughts and opinions of those who either have been employed with Agnes & Dora or were representatives. Here are a few examples of my findings:

Agnes & Dora Reviews

Agnes & Dora Reviews

Reviews Agnes & Dora

Are there other options?

I have done quite a few reviews, and do indeed have suggestions for better options if you are looking to make money this way.

Check out my reviews for:

1. doTERRA

2. Wealthy Affiliate

If you are interested in beginning a business with no startup costs, Wealthy Affiliate is the way to go. You can build a website for free, and beginning selling items on Amazon without having to buy them first.?

Final Thoughts

Honestly, I believe this company is not going to be able to offer you a substantial income. The selection is not large enough, and the amount of effort that you would have to put in to make even a few sales wouldn’t be worth it.

If you’re interested in really investing your time so that you have a steady passive income, you can check out how I make money from my blogs by clicking on the image below!

I hope that this review has been helpful!

Making money online isn’t difficult once you have found the right platform, and the right niche!

Questions or comments? Leave them below, and I’ll get back to you!

Until next time, have a great day!


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