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Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 5 years, or have no Facebook account on which to receive borderline obnoxious messages from friends and family selling the latest skincare/weight loss/health product, you are well aware of the massive explosion of MLM oriented products recently.

Not to say there is anything wrong with making money for yourself – and working for yourself.

Heck, I do it.

However, it’s my job to dive deep and check out just which of these Make Money Online businesses are legitimate, and which are out to scam you, and then report my findings to you 🙂

In this review, we will be looking at a company called Atomy. A company that appears to have promising opportunities.

Let’s check it out!

Company Name: Atomy

Website URL:

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars (3 / 5)

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What Is Atomy?

Atomy is a company, primarily producing body care, makeup, and home products, that made its start in 2009.

They boast coverage in at least 10 countries, with the intention to add to their expansion in the next few years.

I’m glad you stopped by here, because if you are new to the Atomy website (which I was when I began researching), it is sadly lacking in explanation on the Overview Page.

It’s clear from the entirety of the website that the company is far more interested in telling you about their accomplishments – there is a timeline naming each one – than about the products.

They do provide a full catalog of products available, HOWEVER, you are not able to PURCHASE or SEE THE PRICE unless you are a registered member.


As you can see from the photo below, Atomy actually offers a vast array of products from household goods, to beauty, to skincare, to healthcare.

Atomy Products

As you can ALSO see (below), a good number of the products (especially the skincare), seem to be OUT OF STOCK.

Atomy Products

If you have ever dipped your toes into the instability that is MLM, then you know full well that it is hard enough to sell a very expensive product (I’ll give you some prices below), much less try to sell the item when it is out of stock and the potential customer will have to wait who knows how long for it.

This is a red flag for me.

There are many, many videos under the “CH.ATOMY” tab on the website.

If I was a betting woman I would say that the videos are for the purpose of advertising on social media (which is actually quite nice), and if you have a large following could be beneficial to you considering the fact that there appears to be little to no training on sales.

However, there’s no way of knowing what the videos are for because the site doesn’t tell you.

It’s also worth noting that, though the website is in English, some products are packaged in containers and boxes that are not.

Here are some customer reviews, which were a little encouraging, I must say:

Atomy Product Reviews

Atomy Lip Glow Review


Compensation Plan

I think we have established that the public DOES like Atomy products for the most part.

Let’s take a look at the compensation plan to see if what they’re offering is too good to be true.

For starters, once you join Atomy, you are put into a classification system of 5 different dealerships:

Atomy Compensation Plan


Second, I don’t know if you noticed right off the bat, like I did, that the PV requirement is extremely high.

This company is a little different from other MLMs in the fact that the PV for each product sold is relatively high:

Atomy PV

However, that doesn’t change the fact that the requirement is sky-high.

It is written in the Compensation Plan that you also must accumulate at least 10,000 PV in order to make any money off of the people in your down line.

This requirement in itself isn’t very difficult, as you could sell one or two items per month and reach this goal.

As you climb the dealership ladder pictured above, you can qualify for promotions such as free product, cash, travel tickets, and a car.

Also, this:

Atomy Review


Apparently you’ll be living a lifestyle of the rich and the famous once you reach a certain level.

In all seriousness, The compensation plan isn’t very realistic. That’s about as black and white as it gets.

Final Thoughts

Well, the products produced by Atomy are in high demand by the public, evidently.

And, for a skincare line that includes 6 items of high quality, $105 is NOTHING. So there is that, also.

The products I would probably try myself, and I am an esthetician.

As for the business side of things, I am going to highly recommend that you not enter into it with high hopes.

As with most MLMs, the person who as lucky enough to join first is going to make an enormous amount of money, and you, joining at the bottom tier, are unlikely to make any.

That’s just the reality of it.

What Can I Do Instead?

I can tell you, based upon solid experience in the MLM market for years, that unless you intend to work 22 hours per day and reach out to everyone in the social media world, you don’t stand to make much money.

When I was researching BETTER ways to make money at home after I gave up my career in the beauty industry, I stumbled across this?:

Wealthy Affiliate

Sound interesting?

Well, it is ?

I set up a website in about 90 seconds, and began writing content about beauty. Makeup. Hair.

And I began making money from my content. Content that I was convinced would go no farther than my computer screen, because who would be interested in what I have to say.

Lots of people, actually.

You can do it too, if you can commit to working at it and realizing that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Those don’t work.

If you’d like to create a website for free, and get started with your very own online business (no annoying Facebook sales pitch required), click on the image below and you can begin right now!


I thank you for stopping by and checking out my review.

Please feel free to leave any questions or comments below. I love to hear from you!


Have a blessed day, everyone!


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