Can I Start My Own Business Online?

Hey, Everybody!

It’s a rainy, gloomy, chilly day here in The Midwest. When I woke up, I wanted to pull the covers back up over my head and stay warm and cozy for a while longer.

And I did, too ?

If the question, “Can I start my own business online?” has ever wandered into your head on days like today, or any day that you didn’t want to crawl out of bed, dress in uncomfortable work clothes, and try to make it to work without spilling hot coffee on yourself in the middle of a traffic jam….you’ve come to the right place, friends!

In this article, we will go over EXACTLY how you can begin your own online business, with no money, and little to NO experience.

Keep reading, and be ready for an adventure!


Why Should I Work Online?

To answer this questions, I’ll give you a little of a glance inside my life.

I have two kiddos. A boy and a girl, both sweet as can be.

When I first discovered that I was pregnant with my little girl, I was working ten hour days in the beauty and wellness industry.

Ten hours of being on my feet, and working with client after client, taking care of the needs of others (which certainly isn’t a bad thing, it just got to be very exhausting after a while).

I came to realize, over a period of time, that I was missing many things that no Mama wants to miss in her childrens’ lives. My son was growing up before my eyes…and I wasn’t there for over 50% of it.

My daughter was on the way, and aside from being incapacitated with nausea and fatigue in that pregnancy, I was just plain burnt out.

I had lost my mother that very year to ALS, and I was just ready to be at home with my babies, and take a break from the chaos for a while. A long while.

I knew that staying home and giving up my career would be difficult, both financially and emotionally. When you’ve been in one industry for SO long, and have become awesome at what you do, you sort of lose your sense of self when you’re no longer doing it.

I DIDN’T anticipate the restlessness. The need to be using my talents…my experience in one way or another.

Don’t get me wrong. I love talking to my babies..but when you start using words like “potty” and “naughty” in adult conversations….you need more stimulation, haha.?

I was searching the internet late one evening, trying to find something that I might be able to do from home to make a few extra dollars, when I stumbled upon a blog post that was talking about making money from home. A lot of money. Not just a few dollars from an app where you take a billion surveys and make ten bucks.

I was intrigued…but pretty skeptical.

The guy that wrote the article seemed to have a pretty glamorous life…and I couldn’t fully understand how he accomplished this without really having any experience or knowing anyone that pulled some strings for him.

Well, I guess it didn’t hurt to look.

I clicked on the link in his blog where he explained that I could learn how to do what he did for free.

I never looked back.

Not only was what he said in his blog true, but it was fun…fulfilling…and has given my family and I some extra income to work with.

Here’s How:

If you are interested in anything. And I DO mean anything.

Hot air balloons, French food, traveling, jewelry making, designing, fashion, car parts, working out, conspiracy theories, cleaning, cloth diapers….ANYTHING. You can do this.

The first thing you will need to do is create a website.

Now once you have finished freaking out because of how difficult and time consuming that sounds…let me reassure you.

It takes all of 90 seconds to get one set up, and it’s free ?

Next, you’ll need to come up with your niche.

This is the subject of your website. What you’ll be writing about.

Think of something that interests you, something you would be interested in learning more about and writing about and helping people with.

Then narrow it down.

For example, if you like dogs, narrow it down a little. Maybe choose one breed of dog, or something specific like dog training.

Once you have established your niche, you can begin to create content on your website.

For an example of some of the things that I write about, check out this article I wrote.

Again, this sounds WAY more difficult than it is.

All you really need to do is write a few paragraphs about what you know about the subject. Do some research and add to your knowledge.

When people search the internet for say…”How to train a dog to sit”….they may very well find the answer on your website.

And if they find the answer, they may click on a link that you’ve placed.

And if they click on a link you’ve placed…there’s a good chance that they will purchase something from that link.

Maybe it’s a dog collar or a book on training dogs.

Below, I’ve outlined the 4 main steps to create your business. Each step is a video walk-through, explaining exactly how to do it, and giving you a taste of what kind of free training you will receive after signing up:

Step 1. Create Website

Step 2. Figure out Your Niche

Step 3. Write Content

Step 4. Make A Sale


Get Started!

Ready to jump in?

If you want to quit working for someone else and start working on your own time…creating your own schedule and making as much as you’d like, you can start now.

If you click on the link below, you will be able to begin your training at the same place that I did mine, FOR FREE and without obligation.

Wealthy Affiliate Signup

There are many free training courses, and just like in the steps above, you will have a full walk-through, explaining each step of the process.

You will also have access to a community of people that will answer any questions that you have.

Side note: This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. Those don’t work. This will take some time and a lot of effort. But it does pay off, folks. As does anything worthwhile.

I hope I have been helpful to you in your search to begin your own business!

If you have any questions about beginning your business, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comments below, or email me at

Thank you for stopping by, and I wish you many blessings and much success!

Your friend,


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