Credit Repair USA – Is It A Scam?

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I think we all know that in today’s society, paying cash for big purchases is nearly unheard of. Sadly, debt is climbing, and credit scores are falling. 

Enter Credit Repair USA. This company claims to be able to raise your credit score substantially in 45 days. 

Although this sounds a tad scam-my, I thought I’d dive in and thoroughly research and review the company. By the end of this review, you’ll have a better idea of what is and isn’t possible with credit repair services, and if Credit Repair USA is in fact a scam, or a legitimate company. 

Let’s jump in!


Credit Repair USA Review



Credit Repair USA Pros and Cons



So, What Is Credit Repair USA?

What we have here is basically a company (that came together somewhere in the timeframe of 2004-2009….the website is very lacking in background information) based out of the Houston, Texas area.

They offer not only the opportunity to work with experts to eliminate innacuracies from your credit report, but also the opportunity to develop a credit repairing business of your own, by working online and signing up other interested members in your downline. 

They say that they have 700 agents and are continually growing, and that they can increase your credit score anywhere from 60 to 150 points within a 45 day window. 

They claim to be average about a 50% deletion rate within 45 days, and higher if you enrol in their 6 month program. 

Here is a list of items that they work to correct on your credit report:

Credit Repair USA Services


Just to fully inform you of things that are a little out of the ordinary with this company, I’m going to just name off the red flags? as we approach each one of them 🙂

Here’s the 1st red flag?: They hammer into our heads on the website that they are purely technology driven. Mailed in dispute letters and calling back and forth with debt collectors and agencies is “so 10 years ago”. 

Well, this leads us to believe that you would have very little contact with an actual person when trying to have your credit cleaned up. And though they assure us that we are able to view each step of the process virtually…the fact that most of the process is handled online is a red flag. 

You should always be able to speak with an actual person whenever you so choose when dealing with something so important.

Anyway, they also offer a $1000 money back guarantee should they not come through with their part of the deal. 

Which leads us to red flag number 2?. They aren’t entirely clear as to what their part of the deal is. Therefore, there is no guarantee that they will refund your money. Which we will see later in the customer review section. Stay tuned 🙂

Also, a credit repair company cannot GUARANTEE to clean up your credit. 

If the discrepancies on the report turn out to be accurate and not innaccurate information, then they STAY on your credit report. 

The website has several videos, with information on how the process works:


And what you evidentally look like if your credit score is low:


And they are even kind enough to let you know what your lifestyle could look like if you decide to sign up for their program and work as a credit repair agency of your own:

Credit Repair USA Lifestyle


Guys. I hate these videos. 

I think they are tacky. Especially the lifestyle video. And they are a HUGE RED FLAG?. 



In order to sign up to have your credit repaired, the pricing is as follows:

  • The first 30 days are free.
  • The first payment after the 30 days is the $75 enrollment fee. 
  • You then have a $149/month payment that will be billed bimonthly. 
  • If you have any public records such as bankruptcy or judgments, there is an additional $49 charge. 
  • For an inquiry removal (it will be removed from all 3 credit bureaus), the charge is $499. 

In comparison to other credit repair companies, this rate is fairly high.


If you choose to sign up to be a credit repair agent, this is how it works:

  • You pay $99/month. (although on one of the other pages of the website it says $49.)
  • This $99 is to pay for your licensee fee, mentoring by your designated agent, software necessary for work, and monthly webinar trainings. 
  • The payment structure seems pretty simple and looks like this:
    • When you sign up, you are Level 1. You make 25% of any personal credit repair sales, or of any personal recruiting sales. So, basically, when you repair someones credit or when you sign someone up to be an agent you make 25% of whatever the person is paying the company.
    • When you achieve 5 sales in 90 days, you move up to Level 2, in which you make 50% of your personal sales or recruitments, and 10% of your recruits’ sales.
    • You receive a residual payment every month, as long as your down-line is paying. 
    • You must maintain 12 sales in 90 days to receive payments.

They say that you can either work under the corporation or build your own brand. 

It’s unclear as to whether or not you train to receive an actual license to perform credit repair, which is a little scary?. 



As far as I could tell, the only training available as an agent is the initial training that you receive from your designated mentor, and the monthly webinar.

This is a bit of an issue. They are not clear at all as to what the training includes, or how much of an education that you will get, or even if you will receive a valid license after completing training. 

Again, the website is pretty vague. 


Customer Reviews

Being that the company has changed brands, the reviews are scarce. 

Here are a few that I came across. The only ones. All one star?. 

Credit Repair USA Review

Credit Repair USA Review


Credit Repair USA Review

Credit Repair USA Review




Overall Suggestion


Well, there is not enough information to suggest that this company will scam you. So I can’t say that. 

However, they claim on their website to guarantee an increase on your credit score, and they simply can’t do that. 

1.If there is something on your score that is accurate, even if it is negative, they CANNOT remove it. 

2. The videos are terrible. And very unconvincing. The only thing it convinces us of is that the people at the top are making tons of money.

3. The information is EXTREMELY vague. This in itself is alarming. Other MLM websites such as doTERRA provide a lot of information before you even sign up, and are clear about the rules and the process.

4. The reviews are frightening. 

5.. There are ways of making money online that are more secure, more up-front, and more realistic. 

I definitely wouldn’t recommend this company if you are trying to have your credit repaired, and there is no way I would recommend it for a form of online income. 

The red flags are there, and they can’t be ignored. 


Well, thanks for stopping in, folks. 

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Have you dealt with Credit Repair USA? Leave a comment below letting us know how your experience was! 

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