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Do you have a hobby? How about something that you are passionate about and have a lot of experience with?

For as many people as there are in the world, there are just as many interests, hobbies, areas of expertise, etc. And a vast majority of people with a niche, or interest in something, ANYTHING, will hop online to learn about and further educate themselves in their area of interest.

There are people searching the internet every day for makeup application techniques, how to fix a car, what type of workout equipment to purchase, and millions of other things.

What you might now know, is that the people out there writing and providing this information to the rest of the world are making an income, and some a LARGE income, at that. Would you like to know how they do this?

Read on to discover how to begin writing, and earning money, FOR FREE!

Narrowing Down Your Niche

Learn How to Begin Making Money Online


If this all sounds too good to be true, I can tell you from experience that it isn’t.

However, it does take hard work. And the first step in the process is finding your niche.

This is a hobby, and interest, anything that you are good at. It really doesn’t matter what it is, because there are other people in this world who will be just as interested in it as you, and they will be looking for information on the web about it.

Every niche can be profitable. It just takes coming up with content to drive people to your information. I’ll give you an example:

Say you are an expert in the field animals. Or are simply interest in them. You would want to narrow your niche down quite a bit, maybe a certain type of animal. Let’s say a dog ?

Now, let’s narrow it down a bit more, to Great Danes. There is an endless possibility of information that can be written solely on the subject of Great Danes.

You could write about:

  • Breeding
  • Training
  • Best nutrition
  • Personality
  • Size
  • Tips for bonding
  • Grooming
  • Exercise needed

Just to name a few!! The possibilities are endless for each and every niche. You could sustain a great source of income for the foreseeable future with just one niche, but you can have as many niches as you would like. Don’t stress or over analyze about that you choose, because even if you are not an expert in the area that you choose, you can research and learn new information to come up with content.

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Once you have established your niche, then comes the fun part! Writing…

You Don’t Have To Be a Writer!!


This is the big point I would like to get across in this article. You absolutely do NOT have to have graduated with an English major, have taught an advanced literature class, or even have written anything before!

I’m no writer ? And neither are many of the other people who write blogs and have websites. It’s all about communicating with your audience, speaking to them as you would a friend, and getting your point across.

You want to be down to earth, approachable, and friendly. People are much more likely to read your content if they don’t feel like they are reading a textbook (because who wants to do that again?!)

Brace yourself. Here comes the best part. The company that I am affiliated with has platform called SiteContent. If you have little knowledge and experience with writing, this is where it’s at.

The SiteContent Writing Platform

And even if you are an expert in writing, this is also where it’s at, because it simplifies the process drastically.


Nearly everything is self-explanatory on this platform, and if there is something that isn’t there is a vast community of people who are willing to help at any moment. It is a great place to get started, or to boost your business.

SiteContent is exclusive to Wealthy Affiliate members, and it is absolutely free.

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You can write from your bank of personal knowledge, or research and gain information to include in your posts. That it all up to you, and if you are in need of a little help to get started on your first article, SiteContent has several templates that you can choose from that lay out the structure for you content for you!! Pretty simple!

After you have created some content and have a little traffic flowing to your website (also absolutely free to set up at Wealthy Affiliate, along with detailed instructions on doing so), you will then be able to monetize your traffic by including affiliate links for people to click on and make purchases, relevant to your chosen niche.

Which leads us to the Making Money part ?

Money Flow!

Making Money From Writing Content


Like I said, once you have a few articles written and you have some traffic visiting your website for information, you can begin to post affiliate links in your content, which will allow for people to purchase items through your website that you recommend.

I’ll give you an example based on something that I talk about in my business- makeup.

If I do a tutorial on how to apply mascara, I can then put a link in my content which will lead my readers to a place where they can purchase the product I am informing them about. And remember, this can be done in any niche!

In order to drive people to your website, you will want to have quality content and be knowledgeable on how to get ranked with search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. All of this information, plus TONS MORE, including many other ways to make money from creating content, is included in the information at Wealthy Affiliate.

Features Available at Wealthy Affiliate

Some Of The Features Available At Wealthy Affiliate

This is not a get-rich-quick scheme. I’ll go ahead and break the news that those don’t work 🙂

As I said, it will take some hard work and a lot of focus, but you can do it from basically anywhere (I do a lot of my work from my living room couch), and you can begin knowing absolutely nothing about technology. All of that is explained in a step-by-step course within Wealthy Affiliate.

There are people making six and seven figure annual incomes from following the information you will learn, and your success is solely dependent on the amount of effort you put in. You determine your level of success!

So, are you ready to begin?

==>Click here to begin writing and monetizing for FREE<==

You’ve got nothing to lose, and a world of opportunity to gain!

Thanks for stopping by, and always feel free to leave a question or comment, or email me at

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