How To Make Money On Maternity Leave. Let’s Get Real.

When I was pregnant with my little boy, I remember going on maternity leave a month before my delivery date.

It was July, and I was miserable and hot and HUGE! Can anyone relate?!

The last thing I wanted to worry about was how I was going to supplement my income! I was self-employed, which meant that there would be NOTHING coming in the entire time I was gone.

It took me a while, but I did discover how to make money while on maternity leave. And I’d love to share some ways that you can go about it!

Make money On Maternity Leave

I’m involved to this day in two of these money making endeavors, and I’ll tell you. It beats the heck out of going back to work before you are ready!

Before we get started, let me say that if you are getting paid maternity leave, it is probably best not to try to work, as in some places they will dock your maternity pay dollar for dollar with what you are making while working.

But if not, hey…I tried almost all of these methods and stuck with two of them!! Let’s get started!


In order to be a transcriptionist, know that you will need a computer, a stable and reliable internet connection, the ability to transcribe audio and video, and at least a little bit of quiet time. Which you should bask in before the baby comes!

In some remote transcribing companies, you do not have to have experience, however you will be a bit better off if you are familiar with the process.

A little background in the medical or legal field, and that definitely sweetens the pot as far as pay, which can vary widely.

To be fluent in more than one language would greatly benefit you in this field as well, and transcribing companies are always on the lookout for bilingual individuals, which could also result in more pay, and a decent chance at more available work.

Some experience with transcription tools will probably set you apart from the crowd, as well as good familiarity with the English language.

Some companies pay by the word, type of file, or length of transcription. Each company is different.

This might be a difficult job to transition into motherhood with (if this is your first little one), so keep in mind that this might be a temporary supplemental income. Basic requirements often include meeting tight deadlines and dedicating a certain number of hours per week, and with a newborn this is a tough one!

if you are interested in becoming a transcriptionist, try, or

Get Paid To Write Reviews

If you are going to have quite a bit of time on your hands while on leave, this might be the solution for you!

Prop those swollen feet up, grab a cup of tea, and read books.

There are several companies, such as and that will pay cash for book reviews. Good, professional book reviews, keep in mind.

Some of these companies require you to send in a resume and several writing samples in order to gain a spot on their book reviewers list.Get Paid To Write Book Reviews

The companies that pay in books in lieu of cash are a little more lenient, and you often times get to keep the book that you are reviewing. Not necessarily a fast cash fix, but if you are bored to death and anxious about baby coming, reading is a great way to keep your mind busy!

The reviews typically need to be anywhere from 200-350 words, and have to be thoughtfully written. You can’t really skimp, or you won’t be accepted into the programs.

This option does pay out, but depending on how quickly you can finish a book, it may take a little longer than you’ve got.

Get Paid To Blog

My top choice, hands down.

I began blogging when my daughter was one. Not exactly a maternity leave situation, but it is perfect for just about ANY situation in which you have access to the internet and a little time to spend.

The upside is that the earning potential is really totally circumstantial on how much you are willing and able to work. The sky is the limit. And with having started when my daughter was so young, I can vouch for the fact that you can transition into motherhood well with blogging.

Getting Paid To Blog

The platform that I use is called Wealthy Affiliate. It is a one size fits all company, meaning that if you know nothing about website building or blog writing or content building- that’s OK. And if you know EVERYHTHING about blogging and internet marketing, they can still teach you a thing or two. They teach it all.

The starter membership is free, and that means that you get a full course of training, a website, and access to the WA community. For Free.

Follow this link if you’d like to learn more about the free membership and where to begin!

Basically, if you are passionate about anything, you can write a blog. And if you aren’t…well you can write about not being passionate. Haha.

Just kidding, but really, this has been the making money option that I have had the most luck with.

This platform for blogging proves that “where there is a will, there IS a way”.

Sell Your Creations

I have also invested quite a bit of time in this one. Etsy. It is free to set up an Etsy shop, and the beauty of Etsy is that you can sell just about anything that you can make.

Whether it is crochet, furniture re purposing (sounds SOOO fun in your third trimester, huh?), wood carving, card printing, t-shirt designing…I mean anything!

I have an Etsy shop, and I sell jewelry that I put together when I get the time.Get Paid To Sell Crafts

Which brings me to my next point. It can be a little time-consuming. And you will have to manage your own business (the creating, packing, shipping, customer service, etc).

If you ask me, it is worth it. You are totally on your time, and you can create and add to your shop at your leisure. You are also able to download the Etsy app, which allows you to quickly view the traffic your shop is getting and any sales made.

You can also quickly add and edit listings in your shop with the app, making it even more convenient than it already was.

The downside would be trying to start up a business like this that involves the creation of merchandise while you are lugging around a pregnant tummy, but if you are feeling like you have got some energy, this is a GREAT way to make money, and a wonderful way to begin what could be a very lucrative business at the same time.

Sell Your Stuff

With the creation of apps such as Poshmark, Letgo, and OfferUp, we are able to get rid of the things we no longer wear, while making a little cash!

Letgo and Offerup are a little bit primitive. They allow you to post a couple of pictures of your item and then broadcast your listing to people in your area.

When you live in as small a town as I do, this can be limiting. I have had much more luck on Facebook Marketplace, so you should definitely try this. You can expand the reach of the area you are advertising to, making it possible to sell the items quicker.

Poshmark is very cool. There are clothes, shoes, handbags, and accessories of all kinds being sold very quickly everyday on this app. There are specific rules to selling on Poshmark, so make sure to read all of them before getting started.

People go to Poshmark specifically to buy items in certain categories, so there will be a lot of traffic. You might unload your items a bit quicker on a specialty app such as this.

Survey Apps

I hesitated to even include this category, because I’m not a sugar coater, and I want to provide my readers with honest information. And honestly, this can take a long LONG time.

If you are trying to earn a supplemental income while on maternity leave, this is probably not your best option. Surveys are sometimes fun, and can be a great way to pass the time when you are anxiously awaiting the arrival of your precious baby, but as far as income goes…You’re going to be there a while.

Many survey sites and apps, such as 20/20 Panel (review) offer more than just surveys. You can often participate in case studies, interviews, polls, and video watching- all of which usually pay something. Most pay in some type of points system, and when you earn enough points you cash out for either a gift card or cash.

The difficulty is in the fact that it takes a very long time to earn enough points to cash out. And there are many reports that people have a hard time even qualifying for surveys because they do not meet very specific criteria.

I have downloaded several apps, and the best ones in my opinion are Swagbucks (review), Inbox Dollars, and Vindale Research.

These are the most up-front and easiest to navigate.

Exciting Times Ahead!

I hope that this article sheds some light on a few ways that you could possibly supplement income during maternity leave! Such an exciting time, and you shouldn’t have to worry about income when you have a blessing arriving so soon!

I wish you success in your earning from home, and many blessings with your new baby!

If you have any questions about how to make a sustainable income online, please feel free to leave them below! Or email me at

What is your favorite way to earn money from home? Leave a comment below!

Hope to hear from you soon!


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