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In today’s article, we will be looking at a few LimeLife Alcone reviews, discussing the products and earning potential, and finding out whether it’s worth signing up for.

LimeLight Reviews

If you follow me, you’re probably aware that I review companies (most of them MLM), and really dig deep to determine whether the gains are worth the risks.

If, in the end, the company seems to make empty promises or there are a lot of negative reviews, I usually provide you with similar opportunities that I have researched thoroughly and believe to be very legitimate, and give you the links to check them out for yourselves!

Guys, it is SO important to do your research before signing yourself over to what could be a potentially devastating experience, so I’m happy that you are here, doing just that!

Before we jump in, I’d like to disclose that I am a trained and licensed Cosmetologist??(you can check out my other website if you don’t believe me ?) so, this review is right up my alley!

Let’s take a look at Limelife by Alcone!

So, What’s The Company All About?

Founded in 1952 in New York City, the Alcone Company actually began as a small store that sold makeup and such to those in show business.

They have obviously grown, and are still in the business of selling makeup, and have even covered the modality of special effects makeup.

They have lent advice to people in the world of show business seeking guidance on makeup and special effects, including the famous Blue Man Group.

In 1996, after having paved a successful path for themselves, they launched their own line of products, which eventually become Alcone at Home.

In 2013, Alcone at Home is launched to provide an opportunity for lovers of makeup to sell the products. Shortly after, in 2015, Alcone at Home evolves into LimeLight by Alcone. They have now added skin care to their existing product line.

Finally, in 2017 they re branded, and became LimeLife.

To make a long story short, they have been in the business of providing stage and special effects makeup for over 65 years. They began as a family owned business, and they now offer an opportunity for people to sell makeup, creating their own business.

?There is already a slight problem, as they have changed the name twice (which is probably acceptable considering the 65 year span), but it confuses people when they sign up. Not great.?

What Do I Need To Do To Start Selling?

If you decide to become a Beauty Guide, you’ll have to enroll. This enrollment entails 3 steps:

1. Choose A Starter Kit

2. Complete Your Online Application

3. Agree To Be Supportive. (I assume this means you agree not to steal other peoples’ potential customers, which in my experience with MLMs has been a serious issue ?)

The starter kits are ALL $169, unless you just want to try it for a month, in which I must warn you still have to pay $42 for the one-month starter kit.

Basically, the only difference in the starter kits is the complexion tone. You choose light, medium, dark, or deep. I have to say, this makes the decision simple, but you are limited to what comes in the starter kit unless you’d like to purchase more products outside of that.

AND…I have this issue. As a cosmetologist/makeup artist, I know that there are more factors that go into determining someone’s foundation color. One of four shades WON’T work on everyone. They say that the purpose of the starter kit is so that you can use it on yourself and market the product that way, but let’s try to be realistic here. How many people are going to approach you and ask what kind of makeup you are wearing? How comfortable would you feel approaching people and letting them know what you’re selling if you don’t have the correct shades to let them sample and try on?

This kit includes training material, which is nice. It also has software that you will use to manage your business. Another tip, though. Don’t get caught up in all the fancy stuff when you are signing up for a business opportunity. It’s the basics (products, salesmanship, etc) that are going to make your business thrive. Not the extras.

The second thing you have to do to enroll is to create a website. With this website, you’ll be able to see orders, team members, etc.

?Insert extra costs: The website costs $9.95 per month, and you are required to contribute $75 annually to be able to remain an active Beauty Member. Guys, these are the things they will NOT tell you when you are at a craft show/other event and you are getting a sales pitch that sounds irresistible. Be informed.

Finally, step 3, which is to agree to their terms.

How Good Are The Products?

For starters, it’s important to know that you must buy from a Beauty Guide if you are not signed up and want to get the products at a normal price. If you try to buy on Amazon or elsewhere, you will probably pay more for them.

Overall, the products do not have a crazy price point. Most of the companies I review have unbelievable prices for totally mediocre quality. But these prices are actually not bad!?

LimeLife Products


Something else to consider. In the beginning, this company was selling stage makeup. This is EXTREMELY thick, cakey makeup meant for people who were going to be on stage some distance from the audience. It was designed with this consistence because if you were to apply regular makeup and perform in front of an audience, it would actually look like you weren’t even wearing makeup from a long way away. Now, they have switched over to a claimed natural line. This is a pretty big leap, and might be difficult to explain to potential customers.

As far as what customers think of the products, I didn’t find a ton of good reviews. People on Amazon were very displeased that the items were marked up sky-high (because not everyone knows a Beauty Guide), and other product reviews were slightly alarming:

LimeLife Product Reviews

LimeLife Products

What Do Beauty Guides Think?

This seems to be a very love it or hate it type of situation. Some Beauty Guides (or former Beauty Guides) seem to love it, and they are satisfied with the way their business is going, and others are EXTREMELY displeased.

I did notice a main theme among disgruntled Beauty Guides. If they tried to cancel their membership, or had questions about how to discontinue….no response. Their cards would repeatedly be charged every month and there wasn’t a place to go to cancel membership. NO PLACE TO CANCEL MEMBERSHIP?! Sorry. Just had to make sure you got that one. That’s scary, folks. One person was even afraid she would have to cancel her credit card?.

Limelife Customer Reviews

Yep. Like stated in the above comment, I uncovered a LOT of similar stories where items would be sold out or on back order for long periods of time.

What’s The Verdict?

Well, the products have been pretty popular and well-known for quite some time. The company is well-established. However, I do have to say that, because the price points are on the lower end, this is not a quick, easy money making solution.

Nothing is, really. But if you are hopping on the Direct Sales bandwagon, you’ve got to make sure that you are going to make a decent profit. On the website it states that Beauty Guides earn UP TO 35% sales commission. That is NOT VERY MUCH. And if you have to break your back (and be a lot pushy) to make a sale, you aren’t really gaining anything.

If you’re interested in something similar to LimeLife, with a better plan, I’d recommend checking out this review:


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