Lyoness USA – Find Out What You’re Signing Up For!

Thinking about signing up for the Lyoness (a.k.a Lyconet) program?

There is an enormous amount of conflicting opinions about this company, the compensation plan, and whether it is a scam. And perhaps an even larger amount of controversy about crazy amounts of money lost over time spent as a member in the MLM company.Lyoness Review

In this review, let’s take a look at the information and evidence, and decide for ourselves!



Lyoness Review




 What Is Lyoness and Who Is It For?

Fasten your seat belts for this one, folks.

If you have been looking into Multi-Level Marketing (MLM), you may have come across one of the three titles or websites that fall under the “Lyoness” company’s business structure – Cash Back World, Lyoness, or Lyconet.

Yes, that’s right. Three different names.

I had a difficult time even discerning which was which and where I needed to be in my research.

Nevertheless, I prevailed. My brain is now fried, though. And you will soon see why 🙂

Lyoness is a MLM company.

Customers have the option of either remaining a customer and receiving cashback for purchases made at certain merchants and retailers either online or locally, or they may become Marketers by joining in the Lyconet MLM plan.

I’ll discuss this plan in detail in just a bit.

Established in 2003, Lyoness is active across 40 countries, and claims to have over 5 million members as of 2016.

They are basically a shopping community that offers cashback discounts through the over 120,000 merchants that are partnered with the company.

Here are the two ways that you can participate as a member:

1. As a Customer

You are not signing up to participate in MLM. You simply want to receive a little cashback for purchases made. And I do mean A LITTLE.

You can receive up to 5% cashback, depending on the merchant.

There are also what is called Shopping Points. These are also received when you make a purchase, and can be redeemed for coupons on products purchased later on. Each merchant lists what percentage of cash back, and how many shopping points you will receive when you purchase from them. See photo below:

Lyoness Review

When your cashback points hit the required cap of $10, you are paid the money directly to your bank account.

The shopping points that you acquire can be redeemed for coupons like the ones below:

Lyoness Review

There is also the option to purchase eVouchers, which are basically the equivalent of a gift card, and you will also receive the cashback and shopping points for purchasing these.

This is about as deep as it goes when you decide to be a customer.

2. Becoming a Marketer

With this option, you are choosing to be a partner in the Lyconet Marketing Program, and it is free to sign up.

As an Independent Lyconet Marketer, you have signed the agreement and are carrying out the policies and procedures.

You are now labeled one of two things:

a. A Shopping Adviser: You have not yet reached one of the career levels

b. A Premium Marketer

AND, you are operating on two very confusing forms of commission:

a. Balance Program: You are paid out weekly based your own purchases and on the number of units your customers and marketers make each week.

b. Career Program: You are paid out monthly based on your own purchases and what your shopping network makes each month.

How Commission Works

Though the company claims that it is not a pyramid scheme, here is an example diagram of what your network would possibly look like:

Lyoness Review

In order to earn a commission, you would need to have people sign up under you (they need to put your name in the “recommender” box when they sign up.

They then, need to be purchasing things to earn shopping points, and they need to be signing up people under them to further elevate their status and yours….and so on and so forth down the line.

Commission is solely based on shopping points, not cashback amounts.

To even begin earning a commission, you need to have generated at least 50 shopping points in the current week, AS WELL AS THE PREVIOUS 5 WEEKS, and then you will be eligible.

The 50 shopping points could come from your own purchases, or from a combination or yours and the people in your down line.

The problem that I am seeing here, is that based on the average number of shopping points that you get for each purchase, this is an enormous amount to have to come up with when you are first beginning.

Also…let’s just acknowledge that there is no actual product being sold to customers by yourself or your down line.

You are just directing people in the direction of products.

Below is an example of a Career Program commission schedule:

Lyoness Review Commissions Chart

And here are the career levels:

Lyoness Review


There are more rules and regulations for commissions, and you can read them here.


Tools And Support?

I found no way to contact the higher ups in this company.

On the customer website, there is a number that you can text if you need help signing up, but that’s about it.

The Lyconet Website basically has a “Signup” or “Login” button, and it has forms that you can download that explain the policy and user agreement, and the compensation plan.

The plan is pret-ty confusing and it would be very helpful to have someone who knows what they are doing explain it so that you are at least starting off on the right foot.

As far as tools that are available, you would use the incentives of cashback with purchases made and possible commissions upon signing up to be a marketer.

There was no sign of any training, and even after thoroughly evaluating the compensation plan, I wasn’t any more informed on how to actually reach out to people, or how to market.

I’m sorry to say that I also could not get a hold of any positive reviews. Real ones, that is.

Making money online is possible only if there is adequate training and people to help you begin!

User Friendliness

Um…I suppose that if you would like to sign up for the program it is fairly simple. There is sign up button on the website that allows you to become a marketer fairly quickly.

And if you choose to simply remain a customer and buy from the list of merchants without attempting the marketing, the process is user-friendly enough.

You can choose which vendor you would like to shop from, and proceed easily from that point.


What’s the Final Word?

Review Thumbs Down

As a customer, without any plans of marketing the company and receiving commissions, it might not be terrible.

You can receive a little cash back on each purchase and just cut it off there.

As a MLM….run.

I can’t say it’s a scam, but I have seen MULTIPLE reviews of enraged people who claim to have lost thousands of dollars buying into this.

The commissions are very unrealistic to obtain, and you could spend years trying to reach a high level of success.

On top of that, there is no real training available, and with no actual product to promote, you might get yourself into serious financial trouble.

If you want to make a good amount of money online, do it the right way. Don’t waste your time.

I hope this article has been helpful to you!

If you are interested in building a legitimate online business, with training, a community of support, and no credit card required, Click On The Link Below!

There are real ways to make money online!

Have you been a member of Leave your input below!

Wishing you much success in your online business journey!




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7 Responses

  1. Carlos Burgos says:

    Thank you so much for this review.  I have looked for ways to make money online and have come across this company and others that are MLM.  Maybe there are some out there that are legit but it seems as though this one is not.  Thank you for the warning.  I recommend affiliate marketing as opposed to MLM.  Wealthy Affiliate has a great program with wonderful support.  As you mentioned in this review, support is important if you want to grow.

    • admin says:

      Hey Carlos!

      I completely agree with you. Some MLM are legit, and work for some people. However affiliate marketing is definitely the avenue I recommend. It’s up front, and there is no gray area. 

      Support from those who are successful is one of the most important aspects of success in my opinion!



  2. Ashley says:

    Hi Darci. I haven’t really tried Lyoness but just the fact that it has 3 different names sounds pretty questionable to me. Also, the fact that there’s little information about the owners and little support would make me think twice before signing up. 

    I have a little question about it. Let’s say I decide to be a customer and manage to get the cashback points that are the equivalent of $10. From what I understood, that’s the lowest amount you can withdraw into your account. In this case, do they really send you the money? Because that’s where you can make the difference between a legit program and a scam. I know many programs claim to allow you to withdraw money, but in reality the don’t. So is Lyoness one of those – or not? I hope you understand my question.

    • admin says:

      Hey, Ashley!

      I’m glad you got some good information out of the article! 

      It is my understanding that you can actually draw out the money that you have earned from the company, which makes it a legit program in my eyes. But I still do not recommend it, as everything is very complicated and hazy. 



  3. Christian says:

    This was a good review of the Lyoness MLM. I have to admit I am biased because I cannot stand MLM companies. I think they feed you with a bunch of false hope and you can lose a bunch of friends slinging their program. But anyways you gave it a nice honest review of a thumbs down. I liked that. It will build trust.

  4. Barbara says:

    Sometimes I find it hard to believe that there are so many scasm around. Still there are and so many. Thank you so much for the heads up on this one. It is so easy to fall trap of thiese scams that what happen even when somthing good comes around you begin to doubt it and it is all their fault. I appreciate the review and will pass it around to warn others as well.

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