Virtual Office Temps – Scam Or Legit?

The opportunity to work remotely is very appealing to many people, including myself.

In this review, Virtual Office Temps – Scam or Legit?, we are going to take a look at company that offers work-at-home jobs paying anywhere from $10 to $35 per hour.

In the excitement of an opportunity to work at home in comfy clothes with the thermostat adjusted to the perfect temperature (why is it always FREEZING in office buildings?!), and an endless supply of caramel creme coffee that no one steals, it’s easy to overlook a few details that may be obvious red flags ?.

Let’s jump in and see if Virtual Office Temps has anything to offer.


Virtual Office Temps Review


What Is Virtual Office Temps?

VOT is a company document and informational virtual outsourcing outlet for companies in need of employees in a hurry.

In other words, if you are looking to make money online, you are supposed to be able to sign up, register your account, upload your resume, and apply for a job through the VOT website.

Notice I said “SUPPOSED TO”.

This is a very odd website, and I must admit I’m a little flabbergasted at the complete lack of information available…and the lack of working links on the site.

Nevertheless, I did my research quite thoroughly and found that the company advertises positions such as:

  • Typists
  • Data Entry
  • Customer Service Reps
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Live Operators
  • Etc

Upon digging a little deeper, I discovered that, if you are entering the job force with little to no experience, the most you could expect to make would be around $10 – $13 per hour.

With experience or college degree, as much as $35.

In order to begin job seeking on Virtual Office Temps, you have to complete these steps. I’ll red flag the steps that are shady as they come along.

  1. Register (create an account)
  2. Click on a link that transfers you to a third party web hosting platform ?
  3. Pay for web hosting and domain name ?
  4. Create profile on VOT
  5. Upload Resume?(normally fine, but because of privacy policy…it’s a red flag)

Privacy Policy Virtual Office Temps

VOT Privacy Policy

Unfortunately, you are about to see why this company has an “F” Rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Who Are The Minds Behind VOT?

Well, this is the “Who We Are” Page…

Who We Are Virtual Office Temps


Price To Join And Pay

It might sound great that it is free to join VOT. However,. When you are transferred to the third party web hosting platform to create your MANDATORY website, you WILL have to pay for web hosting and domain name, as mentioned above.

Why is it is necessary to have your own personal website in order to be hired to work from home? I have no idea. It’s not.

You can expect to pay somewhere around $25 per month (give or take a few dollars depending on the plan that you choose) for website hosting, and then near $40 for the recurring annual domain name payment. Sneaky.

The pay that you could potentially receive depends on which jobs you qualify for.

The pay for most positions seems pretty good – in some cases being as much as $35 per hour for clerical work.

The way it is supposed to work is that the company’s that are interested in hiring you for a position will contact you via email after viewing your personal website.

According to the many, many reviews and complaints I’ve sorted through, the companies DO in fact email you. However, there is rarely ever a response back from them when you express interest in the position.

Virtual Office Temps Reviews

Training And Support

VOT claims to provide training when you register.

The problem with this is that the training has actually nothing to do with job training or help with resume or anything involving finding and training for a certain position.

The training covers building your website and getting it up and running. Anyone else noticing that the entire focus of this company seems to be on building a website and paying for it’s hosting?

Should you have questions or comments, there is an email provided:

Unfortunately, it appears that emails are never answered. Even with attempts made over several years to contact the company.

The BBB provides this address and phone number:

Virtual Office Temps Address


But, as disappointment seems to be the theme thus far, this address and phone number are seemingly fake.

Upon trying to pull up the FAQ’S page to try to get some answers to commonly asked questions, this is what I was met with:

Vot Faqs Page

Similarly, when I tried to read the company’s blog,

Virtual Office Temps Blog

AND in a final attempt to gain more information, I pulled up the “Learn More” page. You guessed it…..

Learn More Here Page

What Do Current Members Think?

  • The phone number doesn’t work and they have never received an email response
  • They receive spam emails and cannot apply to the jobs that are sent to them via email
  • When trying to apply, there is an error message saying that the captcha is wrong
  • Scammers constantly contact you because ALL OF YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION IS PUBLISHED TO THE INTERNET after you fill out your info
  • They don’t receive contact from applications
  • They are unable to cancel their subscription with VOT. There is no cancellation form.

Final Word?

Review Thumbs Down

No. No. No.

There are so many red flags that my hand cramped up inserting them into this article.

Haha, I’m just kidding, but seriously. There is no valid information that I could obtain that would prove this site to be anything other than a scam.

Once you have signed up (if you are even able to), your information goes public, and you are bombarded with emails that are either jobs that you can’t apply for, or scam artists trying to rip you off.

It’s seemingly impossible to cancel once you have signed up, and then you are left with nothing but wasted time and a website that you really have no use for.

Personally, I think that the third party,, is trying to use this company as a front to get people to sign up to build a website. But that’s just me.

I could find no information that would give me any inclination to think that ANYONE has actually obtained a legitimate job from this company. It’s all a hoax.

Keep in mind. There are very valid ways to earn money online.

You can follow this link to find out how I do it.

Take a look at the training video below to get an idea of what a legitimate online business looks like:

Wealthy Affiliate Video

If you are interested in earning an income from home, don’t fall for a scam that will leave you frustrated, having wasted time and money.

Thanks for your time, Folks!

If you have any questions on making a sustainable income online, please feel free to leave a comment below, or email me at I’ll answer?

Have a great day,

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